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BabyGiant Hollyberg

Frauenhofer Institute

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

(a joint venture of Volkswagen, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp and Sabic)




Heidelberg - Our base of operations

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Our science-based Engagement Framework helps you to increase conversion rates, customer retention and satisfaction. We analyze your products & services and develop a practical roadmap to get your customers more engaged with your company!

Strategic Partner

Strategic partnerships are central for your company's success? Based on our Engagement Framework we help you find, maintain and solidify strategic partnerships to prepare your company for the future!


We help you make your workplace motivating and engaging for your employees. Our Engagement Framework enables you to attract and retain the workforce you want for your business!

NextGen-Gamification /
Game Thinking

Gamification is an optional part of our Engagement Framework and can be a powerful tool to add the additional plus to a product, service or workplace. But instead of being just points, badges and leader-boards, Gamification has to aim for the internal motivators of the human brain. Our science based approach delivers just that!


Storytelling is another optional part of our Engagement Framework and can greatly enhance the power of engagement enhancement campaigns. It will be a pleasure for us to consult you about the when and how to utilize it for your professional goals!

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